Our Offering

Business Enzymes

Strategy, Solutions, Frameworks and process design to grow your Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0 solutions business driving digital transformation adopting lean startup models and 80/20 principles.

Execution Enzymes

Product development engineering services project engineering and process improvement frameworks to grow profits maturing your operations through lean and agile process.

Talent Enzymes

Strategy, Frameworks to acquire and develop organization and employee capabilities to develop and deliver automation and digitalization services and solutions

About Us


Be a trusted partner and growth catalyst force multiplying all round business growth of the customers and stakeholders


Accelerating business growth of customers, partners & stakeholders applying robust business strategy, flawless execution and digital capability.

Why Choose Us?

Techzyme is a management  and digital transformation solutions consulting organization that works with customers to accelerate their growth through outcome driven custom frameworks (enzymes).   We are trusted partners in the areas of business development, operations management , product development engineering and talent management to customers  doing business in automation , IIoT and digitalization products & solutions.  The offerings include frameworks based on Lean startup , AGILE , Lean Product and Process development, Six Sigma , Toyota Production System etc.. concepts and tools. Techzyme partners have acquired expertise in these areas through decades of hands on experience working in global Fortune 100 conglomerates.